7 Minute Workout Challenge

There are hundreds of fitness and workout apps available for iOS and Android users but the main reason people skip exercise is lack of time. Most of the people are not able to find 1 hour for exercise because of their busy schedule and that’s why 7 Minute Workout Challenge has gained popularity all over the globe. This app is available for iOS and Android devices for $3 that seems a fair price considering its features.

As the name suggests, 7 Minute Workout Challenge has many different exercises that only take seven minutes and you can do them daily. The best thing about 7 Minute Workout Challenge is its progress tracking feature that allows users to keep a keen eye on their workout. Because of the intensity and no rest, these 7 minute sessions are equivalent of 1 hour exercise – at least that’s what the developing team behind this popular app claims.


Interestingly, some scientific researches prove their claim right as these short sessions can increase the metabolism dramatically. With more than a million users in hundreds of countries, using this app every day, it seems what they said is 100% true. The app unlocks achievements after you complete sessions successfully and these achievements motivate people to come back again and take new challenges. These challenges are quite easy; for example, you can take challenges for 4 consecutive days and unlock and achievement.

You can also do workout twice in a day to unlock achievements and they are many. 7 Minute Workout Challenge is specifically designed for people who want to do exercise but afraid of taking the first step because they do not know how to do it. The app provides detailed written instructions as well as graphics so people can understand different type of exercises. The developing team has done tremendous work on usability as the user interface is deliberately designed with sleekness and simplicity.

7 Minute Workout Challenge is equally popular on iOS and Android devices; it is currently on number 3 on iTunes in fitness category that simply depicts how good it is. According to the users’ reviews on both of these app stores, people like its motivational solutions, cost efficiency, user interface and the achievements. 7 Minute Workout Challenge does not encourage use of equipment and there is only your body weight to do the job.


No equipment means you don’t have to buy expensive stuff and the exercises would be more natural. Interestingly, the exercises have different difficulty level and you can choose one based on your will and stamina. Because there is not rest between different exercises, you would be switching from one exercise to another without any interval that would keep the intensity high.

Usually, you can divide different exercises in two categories; aerobic and resistance. 7 Minute Workout Challenge has a perfect combination of both types of exercises to fulfill your body needs. The app is compatible with all iOS devices including iPod, iPad and iPhone running iOS 7 or above, and with Android devices running Android 4.0 and above.

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