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Do you know there are more smartphones in the world than desktop PCs? Amazingly desktop PCs are around us for several decades while smartphones invaded the market just few years ago. Although smartphones are more powerful than ever but people still have concerns about them being a replacement for desktop computers and other devices that offer less mobility but high performance and fewer limitations as well. For example, you cannot possibly use smartphones for development purposes.

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On the other hand, smartphones are more powerful than what most of the people think; PDF is one of the most popular file format around us that is being used all over the globe for documentations and other similar purposes. Amazingly you can read PDF files on your smartphone or tablet too. Obviously most of the modern mobile operating systems including Android and iOS come with pre-installed PDF readers but those apps have limited features. So, here we are to discuss Adobe Reader which is the most popular PDF reader ever designed.


Adobe Reader is available for several different operating systems including mobile platforms; it is compatible with Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and many other operating systems.


The best thing about Adobe Reader is its performance; unlike most of the other PDF readers like Document to Go, Adobe Reader responds instantly to users’ interactions and shows the results pretty fast. Amazingly Adobe Reader works great even on slower devices that is a huge advantage over other PDF readers.


As mentioned above, Adobe Reader uses very low system resources like RAM, processing power as well storage space. It means you can run it even on older and slower devices. Most of the other PDF readers are full of advanced features that no one needs but Adobe Reader eliminates those features and provides lightening fast experience while reading a book or document.


As mentioned above, Adobe Reader come with a minimal design that allows readers to read their documents or books without being distracted by those unnecessary things. Adobe Reader automatically scans the whole device for PDF files and this process takes few minutes. Or users can select the folder manually that has all the PDF files.


Amazingly Adobe Reader is available for free for all operating systems mentioned above. Although this might not seem like a big deal but it is a huge advantage Adobe Reader has over other PDF readers as most of them come with a price tag.

How to install Adobe Reader?

You can download and install Adobe Reader app from the relevant app store of your device. For iOS devices, you can go to iTunes and for Android devices you can go to Google Play Store. There are two different ways to install Adobe Reader on an iOS or Android device; users can download and install Adobe Reader from their devices via iTunes and Google Play Store app or they can use Google Play Store website or iTunes software for this purpose.

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