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Amazon Shopping is a globally popular mobile app that millions of people use every day to buy things on their mobile devices like phones and tablets. The app is compatible with all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and others. You can get the app from relevant app stores for free. There could be slight difference between the interfaces of the app on different platforms but the functionality is the same so you won’t find it difficult to switch between different devices.


The best thing about Amazon Shopping is its simplicity where users can browse among millions of items on the app or even scan items from the real world to find them on Amazon. Unfortunately, there are few things in Amazon Shopping app that need improvement; for example, there are separate apps for music and videos. This might be acceptable for the majority of people but they also want to use a suite-like app with all the features within a single app.

There are three different ways to find items you are looking for; you can use the search bar to initiate a search for the item. However, sometimes vendors and sellers use different terms so it could be a little bumpy to finally end up with the specific item you are looking for, especially if it is not that common. The second way is to navigate through categories as Amazon Shopping has categorized its entire collection. The third way is by scanning the item in real world and finding them on Amazon Shopping app.

Of course you need an Amazon account to use the app; you can either create the account via the app itself or you can create it via the official website of Amazon. Besides Amazon Shopping, there are lots of similar apps and services available for mobile users. You can download these apps from relevant app stores for free. Following is a brief introduction of these apps and their features.

Craigslist might not be on the top of your list but it is way bigger than any other marketplace; not only you can buy small items like electronics on Craigslist but you can also buy cars, houses and other things that are not available on Amazon Shopping. Fortunately, Craigslist mobile app for iOS and Android devices is way better than its official website.


Another great alternative of Amazon Shopping is eBay that also has millions of users all over the globe. Comparing the quality of items on Amazon and eBay, it is safe to say that eBay can improve its quality of service and inventory however it is a preferred platform for people looking for electronics like phones and phone accessories.

Jet is quite similar to Amazon Shopping and eBay except it comes with lot more option to make the entire user experience even better. Unlike eBay and Amazon Shopping, it offers discounts and free shipping on “smart items” and if you buy things for more than a specific amount. However, Jet might need some time to be a real competitor of Amazon Shopping app.

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