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Angry Birds is one of the most famous and widely download games on several different app stores including iTunes and Google Play Store. And now the developing company Rovio has finally released the sequel of this popular game. That is surprising because the company has taken this franchise to every possible direction including other platforms, web stores and even movies. The sequel of original Angry Birds game is a huge success even just after 3 days of its release.

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The app was released on 30th July and the game instantly got popularity all over the globe and moved to the top chart in free games categories for iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod. There are probably two reasons behind this insane popularity; one is the curiosity of millions of people who want to know whether the sequel of Angry Birds is as good as the original one and second because this game is available for free while the original Angry Birds game was a paid game.

It doesn’t mean you would be able to enjoy Angry Birds 2 for free entirely because after the release of original Angry Birds game, many other gaming titles adopt advanced tactics for monetization. For example, Candy Crush Saga which is also an insanely popular game available for people all over the globe uses ‘time’ to ask gamers to pay. With the help of IAPs, gamers can skip wait and get lives, levels and powers immediately. Obviously Angry Birds 2 has better graphics and game play than its predecessors and there are new features too. Let’s see what new features have been introduced in the latest version of Angry Birds.

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Gamers can build their own flock and make their own collection of different birds. Unlike the previous versions of Angry Birds, the sequel has detailed background as well game play. Now users can challenge other players all over the globe to see who the winner is. Obviously, winning these challenges get players earn points that they can use to get new birds and other purchases. Other than winning points by completing different levels and quests, players can also get new levels, birds and powers with the real money.

Currently Angry Birds is available for Android and iOS devices and it does support a wide range of different Android models including smartphones and tablets while the company and developing teams have been working on other platforms as well. Although people all over the globe have been appreciating the efforts company has put while developing this game but some people and even experts have been criticizing the developing team because of poor implementation of IAPs.

For example, unlike many other games that force users to wait for a certain task but players can do other things meanwhile, Angry Birds 2 does not offer such luxury and players have to wait for the game to proceed and the other option is to buy stuff with the real money. After spending all five lives, players can spend gems for extra life or buy that with the real money.

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