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Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in the history of mobile apps and games. It has been downloaded by millions of people on their Android and iOS devices and now it is available for almost all major mobile platforms including Windows Phone and BlackBerry. This game is popular because of interesting gameplay, cheap prices and graphics. There are several different versions of Angry Birds available on relevant apps stores and you can still download the original Angry Birds. However all of those versions have the same gameplay.

The story of Angry Birds revolves around pigs who steal birds’ eggs; now birds are furious and they launch an attack on pigs with the help of a slingshot. You job is to use slingshot properly and hit those pigs with birds. Mainly there are two characters in the game; birds and pigs. We can categorize them based on their characteristics.

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Blue birds have the ability to split into three different birds with a single shot that means three times more damage than a regular bird. Yellow birds can get a speed boost when tapped; you can use these birds to destroy harder obstacles like rock. Black birds are probably the most powerful birds of the game, they explode after a while and you can use them to do some serious damage. White birds drop explosive eggs but you need expertise and lot of practice to drop those eggs at the right spot at the right time.

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Boomerang birds are probably the most difficult birds to handle as they go like regular birds but when you tap on the screen, they return like a boomerang. They are effective weapons against pigs hidden behind something hard. Big brother birds are regular birds but with much bigger size and they can do a lot of damage. Angry Birds is compatible with almost all mobile platforms and it does support a wide range of devices; it is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android devices including tablets and phones, Bada, Symbian and many other mobile platforms.

Now you can play Angry Birds on desktop computers and laptops too as the company launched their web based game for browsers like Google Chrome. It is available on Facebook too but the mobile version of the game is much better because of the touch screen controls and superior graphics. As mentioned above, Angry Birds has many versions; Angry Birds Rio is based on the famous movie named Rio. In this game, there are no pigs but only birds which are in cages; your job is to destroy those cages and free birds.

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Angry Birds Seasons is based on Christmas based theme but everything else is the same; the graphics, gameplay and sound effects are exactly the same as the original Angry Birds. Angry Birds Friends is the Facebook version of the same and you can invite your friends to play it with you on Angry Birds. It also allows users to share their scores and progress on their wall.

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