Best Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android

Photo editing apps are around us for years and millions of people have been using them since the dawn of smartphones. Few years ago, the difference between the features, quality and performance of desktop photo editing software and mobile apps was big but now with the technological advancement, mobile apps are getting better and better. Here is a list of some most popular photo editing apps available for mobile devices.


Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Adobe Lightroom is a well known photo editing software by Adobe and the company launched its mobile version few years ago. Adobe Lightroom Mobile is available for iOS devices as well as for Android devices including phones and tablets. However, the Android version is less powerful and has fewer features than its counterpart. Users can download the app from relevant app stores for free however they need premium subscription to use the app.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is mainly known for its powerful features and advanced controls; because of the functionality and nature of the app, it is not suitable for beginners but good for professionals. Users can adjust the exposure, color balance, gradients, clarity and many other features with this app.

Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr is designed and developed by Autodesk which is the company behind many other design related software and mobile apps. This app is available for Android and iOS platforms, and users can download it for free from relevant app stores. The best thing about Autodesk Pixlr is its user interface which is very easy to use and shows all the photo editing features on the main screen without going through menus. The app comes with almost all photo editing effects you can think of; especially, its blur feature is amazing.

Google Snapseed

Google Snapseed didn’t get as much popularity and media exposure as it deserves but it is still among top 10 most popular photo editing apps available for iOS and Android devices. Like other Google apps, Google Snapseed is also available for free and it is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 or higher and all Android devices running Android 4.0 and higher.

The app is specifically designed for people who love editing and beautifying their photos but don’t have prior knowledge or experience with this sort of work. Google Snapseed allows users to adjust brightness, colors, contrast and many other things with simple controls. Google Snapseed has a wide range of effects that you can apply to your images.


Photo Mate R3

Photo Mate R3 is a well known photo editing app that is exclusively available for Android devices. The best thing about this app is its tons of features and easy to understand user interface. However, unlike most of the other apps, it is not free but comes with $8 price tag. The app comes with photo editing features like noise reduction, advanced sharpening, localized colors, contrast and brightness adjusting and many other features. The app is compatible with latest Android devices as well as low end Android devices with slower processors.

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