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Android operating system is way different than iOS in terms of user interface as well as the structure itself. Unlike iOS devices, Android devices need regular maintenance once in a while otherwise you would see some performance issues, especially if you have an older device. Google Play Store has hundreds of cleaning apps for Android phones and tablets, yet finding the right one based on your specific requirements might need some efforts. Clean Master is a well known cleaning app with millions of users all over the globe.

It has 4.5 average rating on Google Play Store from more than 19 million users which is pretty impressive. The earlier versions of Clean Master were more focused toward cleaning junk data but now this app has become a full suite with lots of features including junk cleaning, performance improvements and safety features. You can download the app from Google Play Store for free and it runs smoothly on low end devices too. Contrary to popular belief, even high end devices can get slow.

When you start Clean Master app for the first time, it automatically scans the device but you can skip the step and navigate to the main interface. Let’s talk about some features of Clean Master that you can access via the main screen. The Device Cooler feature simply kills the apps running in the background continuously, draining battery, using system resources like RAM and keeping the CPU busy all the time. The Junk Cleaner is the best feature of Clean Master that scans the device and all data.

After scanning, it shows the list of all unnecessary files and cache so users can decide to remove them from the device and free up some storage space. Similarly, there is built-in App Manager that is quite similar to the native app manager feature on Android devices. You can uninstall apps from there. The CPU Boost and Memory Boost features could be configured based on how you use your mobile device. These features can optimize the device usage when needed.

The latest version of Clean Master comes with built in Antivirus and Anti Spyware to keep your device clean and safe all the time. You can scan your data and install apps to detect vulnerabilities and malicious files or apps. Besides Clean Master, there are some other cleaning apps which come with almost similar features. CCleaner is a popular software available for desktop computers and now you can download their mobile app on Android devices for free.

This app allows users to delete unnecessary files, clear cache and browsing data, use app manager to uninstall apps, see device information, monitor device resources and clean up some storage space. Startup Manager is a pretty useful app that allows users to control the behavior of specific apps that automatically start in the background and use device resources all the time. You can download Startup Manager from Google Play Store for free and the good news is, you don’t need a rooted Android device for this app.

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