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Android devices have a bad reputation of getting slow after couple of months and in some cases even within weeks (depends on the usage). The obvious solution is to reset the device and get its performance back again but the majority of people cannot possibly do that; of course you can create backups for contacts and other things but there are also lots of things that get lost in the procedure. In other words, formatting the device is not a suitable option for everyone.


Clean Master resolves this issue. As the name suggests, the app helps users keep their Android devices including phones and tablets clean all the time. Millions of people all over the globe have installed Clean Master on their devices and the app has 4.5 average rating from more than 30 million reviews that is pretty impressive. Let’s see how you can use Clean Master to keep your Android devices clutter free and fast all the time.

You can download and install the app from Google Play Store; the app is available for free and compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 or above. After installing the app, it automatically scans the entire device for initial report. It scans all the junk files like cache, unnecessary app data and other files. It also shows the storage space you can get after deleting those files and it all happens with a single tap. This is the most basic feature of Clean Master that not only frees up storage space but as a result speeds up the device significantly.

Unfortunately, the latest version of Clean Master is full of ads that are shown along with the features but after using the app for few days, you would learn to ignore those ads and focus on the features only. However, the good part is Clean Master does not show random ads but it shows the download links for other amazing apps like battery saver etc. The main features of Clean Master are system information (where it shows RAM and storage information), junk files remover, phone performance booster, antivirus and app manager.


The main “Clean Master” button and the junk file feature are quite the same as you can scan the entire device and delete unnecessary files occupying valuable space. The only difference is the main feature/button is like an easy mode where the users are not shown the full details while in the junk file feature they can see all of those files and choose which files to delete and which ones to keep. The phone boost feature shows the list of all apps running in the background.

Users can choose the close specific apps manually or they can use the big button to close all of the apps automatically that increases the system performance drastically. In some latest devices where the hardware supports it, the app can get processor temperature and based on that heat, it can decide to end apps to cool it down. The antivirus feature has some limited features and it is not as good as the specialized antivirus apps.

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