Clean Master

Clean Master is a well known app available for Android devices and it is compatible with all form factors like phones and tablets running Android 2.3 or later. Interestingly, it comes as a pre-installed app on many devices and millions of people use it regularly. Clean Master has 4.5 average rating on Google Play Store which is impressive considering more than 30 million people have reviewed it.

The app started as a “junk” cleaner app but now it is a complete suite that comes with many advanced features like App Lock and even antivirus. You can download it from Google Play Store for free and it takes only few seconds to install. After installing the app on your Android phone or tablet, when it runs for the first time it automatically scans the entire device for unnecessary files and folders that you can delete and free up some space.

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For example, it scans cached files and background data stored by different apps. After thorough analysis, it shows the list of all files from where you can select which files you want to delete and which ones you want to keep. However, it is always better to let the app automatically delete all the unwanted files because that’s what it is built for. By freeing up storage space on your device, Clean Master actually gives it a performance boost that you would be able to experience immediately.

As Clean Master is a free app, you would experience some annoying ads on the screen in the main user interface. From there you need to pay attention to only four icons which are App Manager, Antivirus, Phone Boost and Junk Files. The app also shows free storage space and free memory all the time so you can get the idea about your device performance. We already talked about Junk Files feature that removes unwanted files from the device.

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The Phone Boost feature shows all the apps and processes running in the background and the best part is, Clean Master shows information about each app and advises users whether they should close the app or not. You can also associate some apps with the temperature of your processor chip. When it will start getting hot, the app would close apps that are putting too much pressure on it.

The Antivirus feature scans your device for any kind of security vulnerability and asks you to either lock your data via built-in App Lock feature or download the full security app from their server. The App Lock feature is probably one of the best and most useful additional options that come with Clean Master app.

You can lock apps like messenger, email, Facebook, Twitter and others. The app allows users to either use a passcode or use a pattern to unlock it. The App Manager feature is designed to help you manage all the apps installed on your device. From there you can uninstall unwanted apps, remove their APK files or even transfer files from phone memory to SD card.

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