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Copying and pasting is a valuable ability on any system but it’s something that’s never quite fully-realized on iOS. Clips aims to solve this issue by providing an easy way to save plenty of interesting stuff, from text to animated GIFs or links. It makes it easy to sync between devices too, for a price.

Tying into a Notification Center widget and a custom keyboard, Clips takes little time to set up. You can then easily take a ‘clip’ of anything you like, from a SMS message to part of an article on a website. It’s not just restricted to text either, adding to the flexibility available. Once a ‘clip’ has been added, you can then easily view it through the app before inputting it elsewhere on your iOS device, either through the widget or keyboard.


It’s simply done and you can stack up plenty of different ‘clips’. There’s no search function, which makes things more awkward, but otherwise it’s a fairly clear interface. It’s possible to insert the text of a site on its own or include the link too, with other shortcuts also possible.

The most useful feature of all is also the feature that will entice you into paying to upgrade to the pro version of Clips: it enables you to sync between devices, which is immensely useful if, like me, you regularly switch between an iPhone and iPad. The $1.99 seems a reasonable price to pay for the sake of convenience. For that price, you’re also able to save more than five ‘clips’ at a time, which is useful.

You’ll soon crave the ability to search through your clips or at the very least be able to ‘favorite’ items or re-arrange them in some way. However, other than that Clips is a very useful tool indeed. The kind of tool that’s sure to save you time and effort when it comes to moving your content around.


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