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Cut the Rope is a beautifully designed physics based game that is available for almost all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The main character of Cut the Rope is a green color frog named “Om Nom”. The goal of the game is to cut the rope of hanging candies to feed Om Nom. Meanwhile players have to collect stars to get the maximum score. There are multiple levels and each level has multiple stages. The company regularly adds new levels and now there are around 100 different stages available in the latest version of Cut the Rope.

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Cut the Rope is also available for iPad in HD and that specific version is little more expensive than the others because of its superior graphics. The game has identical gameplay on all the supported mobile versions so you won’t find any difference in graphics, sound effects and even in the gameplay while switching to a different device. Amazingly Cut the Rope is not just a game but kids can learn a lot about physics while feeding Om Nom. For example they can learn about gravity and motion while cutting ropes.

The developing team behind Cut the Rope has makes sure every stage has more than one way of completion and kids can experiment to discover other methods while keeping their score high. For example, in some stages it is very easy to put the candy in Om Nom mouth but it is difficult to collect the stars. Cut the Rope has many different versions but the original one is the most popular one with millions of regular players and more than average rating on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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There is no time limit involve in Cut the Rope so you take you time to think about the best strategy in order to collect maximum number of stars and putting the candy in Om Nom mouth. Sometimes candy comes in broken pieces so first you have to combine those pieces before feeding it. Additionally, sometimes the candy is attached with multiple ropes at the same time so you have to recall physics to determine which rope you should cut to get the right trajectory. First few stages are quite straight forward and you don’t need planning for them.

But after the easy part, many new variables come into the equation; for example there are spikes and electricity which can destroy the candy and there are bubbles that make the candy float. There are balloon like puffs of air that you can use to blow the candy away in your desired direction. And even there are spiders that can eat the candy so you have to get rid of them or feed the candy to Om Nom before a spider approaches it.

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Although Cut the Rope is an easy to learn game but you won’t get a better gaming experience on small screen devices because sometimes you have to cut only one rope that could be a challenge due to smaller screen.

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