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Android platform is based on customization and the operating system itself comes with apps with basic features. Although the stock web browser works for some people but most of the people prefer 3rd party browsers on their Android devices because of the amazing features and other options including customization. Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular Android web browsers ever designed. Let’s talk about different features and aspects of this app.


Obviously you want extreme performance from a web browser because you want your web pages to be opened in blink of an eye; contrary to popular belief, web browsers and their structures define their performances. Dolphin Browser is way faster than the stock browser, 30% faster than Opera Browser and almost 17% faster than Firefox Browser for Android.

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Navigational Features

When it comes to navigation, Android stock web browser is the worst kind you’ll ever see. You have to spend few minutes to find out a basic feature in Android stock browser. On the other hand, Dolphin Browser comes with easy to use features that are also easy to figure out. With dual sidebars, you can access your favorite features and bookmarks instantly.


Dolphin Browser is one of the earliest Android browsers that use dual sidebars for navigational purpose. These sidebars make it easier for users to find certain options as well as their favorite websites. You can access those sidebars by swiping from left to right and right to left. The left sidebar has bookmarks and history while the right sidebar has something amazing you probably haven’t seen in any Android browser.

The right sidebar allows users to add and access add-ons to make things even easier. There is a whole Dolphin Browser Store that has lots of add-ons and users can download and install those add-ons for free. Some of the most popular add-ons for Dolphin Browser are Web to PDF that allows users to save the entire webpage in PDF format and Color Splash.

Other Features

Dolphin Browser is loaded with lots of tiny features that you cannot find in their Google Play Store description but those features makes the whole browsing experience more fun. For example, Dolphin Browser automatically fades away when you don’t use its navigation features. This particular option gives more space to webpage that ultimately enhances the reading experience. Top bar, bottom bar and tabs automatically hide when not in use and if you want to get them back, simple tab on the screen and they’ll be back.


Gesture feature is probably the most interesting feature of Dolphin Browser and surprisingly no other browser is using this feature. Gesture feature allows users to navigate to a particular website or even web address with the help of a simple gesture. For example you can set a gesture like “G” for and when you want to visit that, simply make a G gesture on the screen. This feature is particularly useful for longer URLs where you cannot possible type the whole web address.

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