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HGS4xLdIf you own an Android device then you probably know the importance of “file manager” to manager tons of files you
store on your phone or tablet. Though many phones and tablets come with pre installed file managers but devices with
pure Android operating system like Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 etc. do not come with file managers installed on them
already. On the other hand, you definitely can’t rely on those pre-installed file managers because of their limited
features and functionality.

There are hundreds of 3rd party file managers available in Google Play Store and most of those are even free. ES File
Explorer is the most downloaded and widely used file manager app developed for Android devices. Obviously this app
does allow users to manage all the files stored in their devices but it is not just a basic “file manager”. ES File Explorer
comes with some additional features like Download Manager, SD Card Analyst and Recycle Bin; we’ll talk about these
features later.


Like other popular apps, ES File Explorer is designed to run on low end devices as well as high performance devices; this
is the attribute many developers ignore. ES File Explorer uses little amount of system resources like RAM, Processor and
Storage and even then it runs flawlessly without lag or jitter.
User Interface
Unfortunately user interface is not the strongest side of ES File Explorer because it is not as attractive and full of
animation as compared to native file explorers of Sony or Samsung devices. Nevertheless you can change the icon size,
icons, fonts, display and some other options that no other file explorer offers.
As mentioned already, ES File Explorer runs smoothly on high end devices as well as on older devices like Nexus S and
HTC Desire. On the other hand, developing team behind this amazing app has done its best to keep ES File Explorer
available for almost all the Android devices available. ES File Explorer supports a wide range of devices and you can
check your device compatibility from their official site or from the Google Play Store.
Surprisingly, ES File Explorer is available for free on Google Play Store and there is no demo, trial or limited version of
this awesome app.
Other Features
ES File Explorer comes with some additional features but users have to download some of those features separately
from Google Play Store. As the name suggests, Download Manager by ES File Explorer allows users to download
multiple files at once or put files in a queue. Users can download files in background while using ES File Explorer for
other purposes.
SD Card Analyst is a very useful feature for almost all of the Android users; this feature scans all the files and folder
stored in the device or SD card and shows the list of those files by sorting them according to their size. It shows which
files and folders are occupying storage and delete those files and folder from SD Card Analyst directly. Recycle Bin allows
users to recover deleted files just like the Windows Recycle Bin but obviously the Recycle Bin use device storage to keep
those files.

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