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Facebook is the largest social media network in the world with billions of users who use it for different purposes like staying in contact with their friends all the time. However, we all hate when Facebook mobile app takes few extra seconds to load the contents. There are number of different reasons behind this latency, like bad coverage, busy network, too much traffic on Wi-Fi and others. In some countries like India, people prefer 2G connections because of their cost efficiency and in some countries 3G is not even available.

Facebook understood this problem and finally decided to do something about it. Now, you can download Facebook Lite for slower networks as it comes with highly optimized user interface. Interestingly, you can install Facebook Lite and Facebook app simultaneously on your mobile device. People who are already using Facebook and Messenger app can also download Facebook Lite and uses all three of these apps at the same time. You won’t get redundant notification from two apps though.

Benefits of Using Facebook Lite Instead of Facebook

As mentioned above, Facebook Lite is specifically developed for slow networks but there is not restriction and you can use it even if you have lightening fast 3G or 4G connection. Facebook Lite uses lesser amount of data as compared to the original Facebook app that is a big incentive for people to prefer Facebook Lite over its counterpart; but that’s not all of it.

Facebook Lite comes with built-in messenger/chat feature that means instead of installing Facebook and Messenger separately, you can simply install Facebook Lite. Unfortunately, Facebook Lite doesn’t have calling feature so you need Messenger for that purpose. Besides all the benefits Facebook Lite offers, there are some disadvantages too; for example, Facebook Lite has a highly optimized but ugly user interface. Unless you are willing to sacrifice design over the performance, Facebook Lite would disappoint you design-wise.

User Interface

Facebook Lite user interface resembles mobile version of the website. Unlike the Facebook app where the search feature is at the top, Facebook Lite has app the tabs on top. These tabs are Feed, Friends, Messages, Notifications, Search feature and more options. Similarly, unlike Facebook app you cannot swipe between different tabs but you have to tap on them.

The cards have 2D with no shading effects and big buttons which are optimized for low resolution screens. One of the best things about Facebook Lite is its feature of showing low resolution pictures. As you can anticipate, because of this feature the app uses significantly lesser amount of data. Interestingly, this app is not only developed for slow networks but also for low-end devices with low storage space, CPU power and RAM.

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