Facetune is an amazingly built photo editing app that is available for all mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. This app is specialized in portrait retouching and comes with excellent tools. Interestingly, the basic features of Facetune are extremely easy to use and anyone can start using the app immediately after downloading yet the advanced features need expertise and experience with the app. There are tons of brushes and effects that could be applied on photos.

Like many other similar apps, Facetune does not have a free version that could be a turn off for some people. Plus, if you want to install it on iPad and iPhone, you need to buy it twice because iPad has a different version of it. However, Facetune works better on large screen devices like iPad or Android tablets. After downloading the app from relevant app store, there are two ways to start working on a photo; either you can take a fresh photo using the built-in camera tool in the app or you can import an existing photo.


Although Facetune works better on devices with precise stylus like Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but it works accurately on all devices even with fingers. Using the app, you can whiten your teeth, make your eyes more attractive, correct red-eye or do retouching as per required. Like every other photo editing app out there, Facetune also has tons of filters that are generally used for fixing exposure, lighting, focus and colors.

You can either use pre-configured filters or you can make your own by tweaking the settings manually. It is recommended to use existing filters when you use the app for the first time and gradually start working on your own.  The best thing about Facetune is its ability to go back as far as you want. It means if you have made changes on the photo and you want to go back a few steps then you can do that using the undo feature.

Similarly, users can easily see the changes by seeing the original photo. Many people prefer built-in tools in social networks for retouching; for example, Instagram offers tons of filters and effects that could be applied before posting the picture. This approach is more than enough for beginners yet Facetune is for more advanced users who want to focus on the details and post perfectly captured moments.


As there are tons of advanced features, the developing team behind this app anticipated the problem and that’s why Facetune is loaded with tips and guides. The app guides you at every step and if you think you don’t need assistance then you can turn off this feature.

You can learn the use of different tools using short videos; gladly those videos are part of the main app and you don’t have to go to YouTube or download additional resources for that. Facetune allows users to share their images after editing; you can share it on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram or send it via email.

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