Fancy Units

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Clean yet stylish is the order of the day with Fancy Units. It’s a unit and currency conversion app that should save its users plenty of time, while keeping things simple yet convenient.

There’s no real set up to speak of, with users able to get straight on with converting. Once fully unlocked (it’s only $0.99 for the full list), users can choose from over 140 different units and 160 different currencies. These are pretty varied, covering such things as area, energy, length, temperature, pressure, and speed.

Starting out, a pre-defined list is offered up but it’s easy enough to customize so that users immediately see the units they most frequently use. Each category is colored accordingly, so fastidious types (like myself) can revel in color co-ordinating everything.


In each case, users can opt to include a number of different units or currencies within one conversion, which can be pretty handy when dealing with multiple conversions at once or simply when wanting to keep everything clearly laid out. Again, everything is dealt with via a series of swipes or drags, so Fancy Units is immediately very intuitive. There’s a built-in calculator too, ensuring there’s no need to switch between apps to figure things out.

Currencies are updated on an hourly basis, with conversions working offline having used the newest data previously acquired, so there’s never any concern about not having an internet connection.

Not forgetting the fact that Fancy Units is pretty intelligent when it comes to figuring out search terms, and this is a handy app for those in need of a clean way to convert things. I’d recommend the $0.99 in-app purchase to upgrade it to its full potential, but that’s a very small price to pay for so many options.

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