Flightradar24 is an amazing and useful app that is available for iOS and Android devices on iTunes and Google Play Store. You can download the free version of Flightradar24 on all phones and tablets, while the premium version is available for $3.5 on app stores. As usual, the premium version comes with all the features while the free version is limited in functionality. Flightradar24 allows users to use their phone or tablets to look up at the sky and see how many planes are flying there at that very moment, their origin and destination.

This is just one feature of this app and you can use it anywhere in the world to see air traffic and their routes. The best thing about Flightradar24 is its real time data that comes from the sources with very little delay. As thousands of planes fly every day, the sky is full of them and this app singlehandedly can show detailed information like the flight number, airline name, altitude, speed and many other things. You can navigate using the built-in map or you can enter a specific flight number and follow it using the map.

The developing team behind Flightradar24 has done amazing job in creating the search feature that allows users to enter a particular airline name or type of flight so users can see all the flights that fit search criteria. The app is exactly like what its name suggests; it is your personal radar with lots of information and fun. Even though Flightradar24 has tons of features, the user interface is pretty simple and quite similar to Google Maps. You can either see the map in satellite mode or the map mode.

The Android version of the app is 35MB in size and the app is optimized for low end devices as well. You can run it on older Android devices as well, without worrying about the app using too much memory or lagging. Even if you experience some lagging or delay on older devices, the app has some options to reduce graphic quality so you can use that option to optimize the app for your device. Even though the paid version comes with premium features, there are still some features which are available via IAPs exclusively.

Following are some other popular flight tracking apps available for iOS and Android devices.

Flight Hero is a similar app that allows users to track any flight and see detailed information of it. You can select any airport in the world and see arriving and departing flights in real time. Flight Hero could be integrated with other apps like TripIt for better user experience.

FlightAware Flight Tracker has lots of features like Flightradar24. However, FlightAware Flight Tracker is not aesthetically pleasing as many of other similar apps with similar functionality. If you prefer real time information and up to date details about flights over appearance, then FlightAware Flight Tracker is the app for you.

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