Flipboard is a well known app and service that comes as a pre-installed app on some devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Earlier the developing team launched it on iOS devices only but after the huge popularity of this app and service, it is not available for other platforms as well. Flipboard is a social magazine that means you can select your topics of interests and Flipboard will show you relevant contents in a beautiful and easily manageable interface.

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The best thing about Flipboard is its design that is designed and developed exclusively for this purpose. It allows users to get information and read their favorite contents without being distracted by the design itself. There are plenty of topics and categories in Flipboard that you can select to filter contents. For example you can select science and technology, news, gaming, celebrity etc. and Flipboard will show you RSS feeds about those contents.

You can integrate your social media accounts and profiles with Flipboard to keep things even more interesting. For example you can attach your Google +, Twitter or Facebook account with Flipboard account to easily share contents on these platforms. The earlier versions of Flipboard on iOS and Android devices were quite bulky and slow but the latest version company has launched it not only responsive but also loads the contents and pages fast.

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As mentioned above, the best things about Flipboard is its user interface and that’s the sole reason of its insane popularity among users all over the globe. The user interface of Flipboard is quite minimalistic and simple; and you can make you reading experience even better by using the full-screen or change the size of text according to your preference. On Android devices, Flipboard also comes with a beautifully designed widget that looks like the YouTube widget on Android phones and tablets.

With the help of this widget you can access the top stories or your favorite contents with a single tap on the Homescreen, without even opening the app. The widget automatically updates contents after a specified interval or you can manually refresh and update them using the refresh button the widget itself. Another great feature of Flipboard is its ability to sync contents across different devices with even different platforms. It means even if you are using Flipboard on devices with different operating systems like Android and iOS, you can use the same account on both devices and Flipboard will sync the data across those phones and tablets.

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Of course Flipboard is a free app and you can use it for free on multiple devices at the same time. It could be downloaded from relevant app store like Google Play Store and iTunes. The latest version of Flipboard on Android devices is also compatible with Pocket, Readability and Instapaper. With the help of these apps you can use Flipboard even without internet connection. This offline reading feature is only available in the Android version of Flipboard so you can use it on Android phones and tablets.

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