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Fora Dictionary is one of the most popular dictionaries available on Android devices. It supports all Android devices running Android version 2.3 and above, including phones and tablets. Fora Dictionary is available for free on Google Play Store and it has IAPs to unlock premium features. The best thing about Fora Dictionary that makes is better than other similar apps, is its support for other packages. Fora Dictionary provides a basic framework where users can add external packages according to their needs.

For example, you can download and install packages like Computer dictionary and Medical dictionary in the same app. This way you can use both dictionaries at the same time separately. There are tons of other packages for other languages; some of the popular languages that Fora Dictionary supports are French, Spanish, Italian and German. Let’s talk about some unique features of Fora Dictionary.


The app follows simplistic design that focuses on productivity instead of interactive design. In order to use Fora Dictionary for the first time, you need to install external packages as well. These packages are available for free on Google Play Store and all you need to do is download these from the app store. The installation process goes through automatically. In case you want to delete certain packages, there are two methods to do that. Either you can delete that package from the application manager or you can do that from Fora Dictionary settings menu.

Fora Dictionary comes with audio support and you can use this feature to see the accurate pronunciation of words. The latest version of Fora Dictionary is integrated with Google Voice Search and it has voice search feature. The main interface of Fora Dictionary is simple and straightforward; there is big search bar at the top of screen where you can type your required words and after few milliseconds, Fora Dictionary suggests words.


Interestingly, you can even change that duration too; for example, by default Fora Dictionary suggests words based on your input after one second and you can change that duration from the settings menu to a much smaller number like 50 milliseconds to get instant suggestions. When you type the exact right spellings of your required word, the dictionary shows the meaning and other details of that word.

However, when you write inaccurate spellings and Fora Dictionary could find the exact match; it shows some advanced options to expand the search criteria. The Fuzzy Search feature is advanced search function that searches all the words matching with the word you type. When you select the fuzzy search, it asks you to select the package. For example, if you have installed English dictionary and Computer dictionary then you can select which package you want to search from.

Another great feature is using other sources for search; for example if your desired word doesn’t match, you can search it on Google, Wikipedia, Wiktionary and other applications. You can even add more applications like Yahoo and Bing to search from. Fora Dictionary is definitely a must-have app on every Android device.

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