Free iOS Apps That Are Available for Free

Here we are again, with another list of some amazing apps that are currently available for free on iTunes for a limited time. For your convenience, here is brief introduction of these apps and their amazing features.

Protect Your SMS

Protect Your SMS is a useful app for everyone who uses iOS devices and texts, and its name is pretty self explanatory. The app allows users to protect their messages from prying eyes by using encryption and password protection. As you can anticipate, Protect Your SMS can help you to be worry-free about your peers looking into your private messages either accidently or intentionally.

The app usually sells for $1 that is a fair price considering its features and usefulness, and now even better you can get it for free from iTunes. The app uses numeric PIN code as well as pattern lock to encrypt messages. Hopefully the developing team behind this amazing app would support TouchID in upcoming versions that would make things even more interesting and secure.


Deleter is a small, light weight and useful app that allows users to delete multiple pictures and videos with a single tap. This app is specifically useful for the users who take lots of pictures of the same scenery, then keep the best one and delete others. Deleter is compatible with all iOS devices and was selling for $1 on iTunes. Now you can download it for free from iTunes for a limited time.

Live 2 Gif

Apple iPhone made some news splashes when it was released with Live Photos features. Of course iOS users love this feature but unfortunately, Live Photos is an iPhone exclusive feature because of the technology and those photos could not be seen on other devices like Android the same way you can see them on an iOS device. Live 2 Gif solves this problem effectively by allowing users to convert Live Photos into Gif.

The app has features to even split a Live Photo into multiple Gif files and you can reposition and reverse the transition. The best thing about Live 2 Gif is its editing features where you can apply different effects to your Gif images. You can also add text into the images and make things more interesting. Live 2 Gif was selling for $2 until few days ago and now you can get it for free on iTunes.

Text Grabber

Text Grabber is a multi-functional app that has built-in algorithm to recognize text on printed media and translate it. Interestingly, it can recognize more than 60 languages and can translate the text into more than 100 languages. You can edit he text, hear it via built-in text to sound feature or share the text via SMS, email or any other sharing app like Facebook, Twitter or others. The app had $3 price tag few days ago and now you can get it for free. Text Grabber is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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