Full Fitness

Full Fitness is a well known fitness app that is available for iOS and Android devices. Unlike most of the other similar apps, Full Fitness does not have an eye-catching user interface but the app mainly focuses on the functionality. There are 5 tabs on the main screen which are exercises, workouts, programs, history and more. The first tab, exercises have many categories like arms, back, chest, legs, cardio and others so users can select the exercise they want to do.


The workout tab is used to keep a thorough record of all the exercise you are performing and you can see your progress there. The programs tab could be used to build graphs which make is easier to see the performance, your workout and its effects on the body. Of course you need to manually enter the details like your weight and other information to create graphs. All you have to do is select the desired category from the exercises section and select the particular exercise you want to perform.

The app would show the visual instructions about performing that exercise. In case you are interested in the details, you can also see the specific part of body that a particular exercise would affect. Another way of finding the suitable exercise is by selecting the area you want to work on. The app would show all the possible exercise with or without equipments. The “more” tab comes with lots of additional features that can help you lose weight, keep your body in shape, keep you healthy and keep a track of your health.

Following are some additional features of Full Fitness app.

Body Weight Tracker

Body Weight Tracker does exactly what its name suggests; it helps you keep track of your weight. Of course you need to put the information manually but in order to use this feature at its full potential you need to enter the details regularly. The main purpose of this feature it to help users understand whether they are achieving their weight loss goals or not. Another additional benefit is this feature keeps users motivated all the time.

Calorie Counter

This is a standard feature in Full Fitness app that is also available in many of the other fitness app in one way or the other. With the help of Calorie Counter feature, you can keep track of your daily intake. However, if you decide to use this feature, you need to download some additional files with the entire database of food items and their calorie count. After downloading the database (that would take few seconds) you can enter the food item you eat as well as its amount.


Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index which is also known as BMI is used to track the body weight and height with respect to age. This is an important feature to keep track of your health. In order to use this feature, you need to enter your height, weight, age and gender. Body Mass Index feature would recommend exercises to reach the optimal BMI ratio.

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