There are tons of messaging apps available on Google Play Store but none of those is as popular as GO SMS Pro that is surprisingly a free app with hundreds of features. Although there are several other messaging apps out there but it is not fair to compare GO SMS Pro with the native messaging app of Android that comes with just basic features. Let’s talk about different features, design and overall performance of this amazing app.

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Messaging apps is a competitive market so almost no messaging app comes with a price tag. GO SMS Pro is a free app that has some IAPs. Although all the basic and advanced features are available in the free version but if you want to unlock some additional features like message delay, then you have to buy the premium version. Same goes for themes and theme maker that are available via IAPs.


GO SMS Pro is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and that’s the beauty of it. It means you can download and install GO SMS Pro on all of your Android devices regardless of their specification as it supports low end devices as well as high end devices. Because GO SMS Pro is around us for several years, it is compatible with older devices as well and also supports older versions of Android operating system too. Users can install GO SMS Pro even on devices running Android 2.3.

Design and Features

GO SMS Pro comes with several different features that no other messaging app has. First of all, you can change themes are there are hundreds of GO SMS Pro themes available on Google Play Store. You can also download those themes from the GO SMS Pro store. Some of those themes are available for free while some are paid. GO SMS Pro has built in SMS blocker that is quite useful feature for blocking annoying and unwanted message.

The built in SMS scheduler allows users to schedule a message for future and the message will be automatically sent at the given time. Users can also create a private box for private conversations.


As mentioned earlier, GO SMS Pro is available for low end devices too and that is possible because of the efforts developing team put while building this app. GO SMS Pro is designed to work on slow devices too that means it uses little system resources. So even if you have an older and slower device like Google Nexus S, you don’t have to worry about the performance of GO SMS Pro because it will be just fine.


There are multiple ways to download GO SMS Pro on your Android device; it is available for free on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. Users can also download the APK file and directly install this app on their Android devices without creating a Google Play Store account. GO SMS Pro has integrated IM service too that users can use even on their tablets with no SIM card or network access.

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