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Google Chrome is currently the most popular web browser in the market and it is available for almost all desktop and mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and others. It is also now the native browser on Android devices. There are many reasons why Google Chrome is the most widely used browser nowadays; performance and design are the major contributors. It is the first choice of users who love using a responsive and efficient browser on the desktop or mobile devices.

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Earlier, Google Chrome wasn’t the default browser on Android devices but instead users need to download it as a 3rd party app from Google Play Store; of course it was optional. However, it comes with every Android device including phones and tablets. It is the only browser that comes with Google’s own Nexus devices and on Samsung devices like Galaxy Note 4, it comes along with another browser.

One of the best things about Google Chrome is its compatibility and availability; as mentioned above, you can install it on almost every mobile device and on the other hand, developing team behind this web browser has done its best to make is efficient so users with low end devices can also use it without any performance issue. The main interface is deliberately kept minimal and simple so users can visit their favorite websites in a distraction free interface.

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Although the desktop version of Google Chrome does allow users to install extensions and add-ons from its own store but the mobile version lacks this feature. Many other mobile web browsers like Dolphin Browser allow extensions. If you are using Google Chrome on multiple devices and using single Google account then you can control which information and data should be shared among different devices.

For example, by default Google Chrome shares everything including bookmarks and history on all devices but you can change this setting from the desktop version of Google Chrome. On the main interface of Google Chrome on Android devices, the top left corner shows home button, top right corner shows menu button and number of tabs you have opened. You can directly search anything on Google without visiting the website by using the search bar in browser itself.

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Besides the main interface and menu, Google Chrome also has a very simple and straightforward settings menu from where you can configure it according to your preferences. From the settings menu you can select your Google account; if you have more than one Google account attached with your Android device then you can change the account directly from there. You can select your default search engine and there are some settings related to privacy, sites and accessibility.

Like most of the other browsers and the desktop version of Google Chrome, the mobile version also comes with Incognito Tab that allows users to visit their favorite websites in secret mode. This feature does not record history, cache, cookies and anything else. That means you can visit a website using Incognito tab without leaving a trail.


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