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Google Maps is the most popular maps service available all over the globe. The app is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Although the official website of Google Maps has built in “switch to satellite view” feature but in mobile app you need separate Google Earth app to use that feature. Even though Apple has its own Apple Maps on iOS devices but Google Maps is still the most popular app on iOS devices too.

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It leads the navigation category on Google Play Store and iTunes. Google regularly updates the app regularly and introduces new features. Now the latest version of Google Maps comes with sleek interface, Street View feature, voice control and excellent accuracy. You can download Google Maps for free from the relevant app store. The app automatically signs in on Android devices using your default Google account.

Google has been working on its search feature for years and it shows excellent results even when users search generic terms. For example, you can simply search “pizza” and Google Maps would show you all pizza places near your current location. You can save you favorite places for later use and even save routes. Considering Apple Maps is the closest competitor of Google Maps, let’s compare both apps and services.

The biggest difference between both apps is their user interface; Apple is known for its sleek and minimal designs. The company follows minimal design policy in all of its platforms as well as apps and the same goes for Apple Maps too. On the other hand, Google Maps has a feature rich interface that looks kind of dense as compared to Apple Maps. However, having a minimal or dense user interface isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing as it depends on what users like.

Similarly, because of the design aspects, Apple Maps shows larger text and icons. Also it shows nearby places and information in much cleaner way with attractive icons for each category like gas station or hospital. Apple Maps also has an amazing weather feature that is integrated in the app itself. This weather feature is accessible via a small icon in bottom right side of the screen. With the help of this feature you can easily see the current weather condition of the location you are currently viewing.

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This feature comes in handy when you search for a particular area and want to know the weather. It shows basic weather conditions like temperature. We can say when it comes to user interface, Apple Maps is a winner. On Android devices, you can share your location and maps using web browser. This sharing feature is not available on Apple Maps because there is no desktop version of Apple Maps.

Google Maps has a clear advantage over Apple Maps because of its accuracy and that’s the main reason why Google Maps is preferred over Apple Maps even though the later comes as built-in app. The cross platform compatibility of Google Maps gives it another advantage over other apps.

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