GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games on PC and many gaming consoles. The company has launched this game on mobile devices (iOS and Android) however this is not the first game of its kind from the same company. In fact earlier, the company launched its globally famous GTA Vice City on mobile devices and it was a huge success. You can download GTA San Andreas from iTunes or Google Play Store for $7 and you need 1.63GB of free storage on iOS devices and 2.4GB storage on Android devices to install this game.


Like every other mobile app and game, GTA San Andreas has its own good and bad sides. Let’s take a good at the good things about this game. First of all, unlike most of the other Android and iOS games, GTA San Andreas is huge and comes with lots of missions as well as side missions. Just like the PC and other versions of the game, it is based on a story where the player has to gradually complete missions.

Another great thing about GTA San Andreas is its flexibility with settings and controls. Players can select the game control according to their preference and change the advance settings too. It is way more than an average Android game and people who already have played this game on game consoles and PC, won’t be disappointed by this mobile version. For example, users can even change the graphics settings to get the optimal performance and looks. Very few mobile games allow this tweak.

The game is available via a one-time payment of $7 on Google Play Store and iTunes. There are no IAPs to empty your pocket which is kind of surprising considering the size and popularity of the game. Not everything about GTA San Andreas is perfect; for example, on Android devices, the game is not supported by the Games Achievements that means you cannot compare your performance with other people and your friends. As mentioned above, players can change the graphics settings but it seems reasonable to play the game with maximum graphics on latest devices.


Unfortunately, at some points in the game, it reduces the performance even on the highest performance devices in the market. This might be a turn off for some people but we can’t entirely blame the game developers for developing a game better than the available hardware. Of course the game would eventually run smoother on more powerful devices coming in the market in future.

The majority of GTA San Andreas players are those people who have already played it on PC and other platforms. However, the mobile version is quite different than other platforms because of its virtual controls. All of the controls are on the screen that doesn’t actually feels entirely like the controller and may reduce the overall gaming experience. Regardless of the issues and limitations of GTA San Andreas on Android and iOS devices, it is a great game that has a reasonable price tag.

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