How to Make Your Android Phone Faster?

Android is one of the most popular mobile platform in the history of mobile devices and now it comes in different form factors including wearables. Most of the people have seen their Android phones or tablets slowing down after few months and it seems resetting the device to factory settings is the only option to get things under control.

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Fortunately there are some other ways and precautions that you can take to get the most from your Android device. Let’s see how you can make your Android phone faster.

Up to date software

Manufacturers launch software and firmware updates regularly and it is your responsibility to download and install those updates as soon as they get available. Latest software updates not only come with security patches but they also increase the overall performance of Android devices by utilizing the operating system and hardware resources more efficiently. Also update your install apps and games to get the same benefits.

Optimize your Homescreen

Of course we all love live wallpapers and tons of widgets on the Homescreen of our Android phone or tablet but widgets and live wallpaper put significant impact on the overall performance of the device. Make sure you avoid live wallpapers and use static one. Also use very few widgets which are absolutely necessary and keep your Homescreen as clean and optimized as you can.

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Uninstall and disable apps

Many people don’t know that they can disable unused applications on their android devices running Android 4.0 and above. There are many apps and features that many people don’t use at all and you should disable those apps as they run in the background and use system resources. In order to disable apps, go to settings >> applications >> select the desired app and tap on the disable button. Also uninstall apps and games that you do not use that much.


Like live wallpapers, we also love animations but these visual effects use system resources like processing power and RAM that make the device slow. If you are using a 3rd party launcher like Nova Launcher then you can check out its settings to disable animations. Or you can do that by activating the developer mode and disable animations from there. Go to Google and search how you can enable developer mode on your device as different devices have different methods to activate that option.

Turn off auto sync feature

You can create a widget with toggle button for activating auto sync feature whenever you need to download emails and other things. Keeping this feature on all the time means it is running in the background continuously and using system resources.

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Nova Launcher

Some 3rd party launchers like Nova Launcher are optimized for speed and they deliver better performance than the native launcher of Android devices. Some of these launchers are even available for free and they are compatible with phones and tablet both. Download Nova Launcher from Google Play Store and configure it to deliver lesser animations and more performance.

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