How to Save Battery On Android Devices?

Android devices especially devices with larger screens use excessive battery and that is no secret. However there are many unnecessary features that you can turn off to save battery power. Let’s see how you can make your Android device last longer than usual.

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Dark Wallpaper, themes and settings

Most of the Samsung phones and tablets come with AMOLED or Super AMOLED displays which are quite gorgeous but they also consume lot of battery power. In order to reduce their overall battery consumption, use darker wallpapers so they spend lesser power to illuminate pixels. The same goes for themes and settings; many Android devices does not allow changing the theme natively but if you are using a launcher like Nova Launcher then you can change the color.

Use Auto brightness

Auto Brightness is a great feature that automatically increases and decreases the screen brightness according to the light outside so you can see the screen contents without any problem and without adjusting the brightness manually. Some newer devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also come with Adaptive Brightness that is an additional feature which changes the screen tone according to your need.

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Screen Timeout

Make sure you set a shorter screen timeout to save battery juice. Of course it depends on your own preference and how you use your device but setting a short time interval means your device’s screen would use lesser battery. You can discover what works best for you by selecting different screen timeout and test it for a day or two.

Smart Features

Newer devices especially Samsung’s Android devices come with many advanced features like Air Gestures, Smart Scroll, Smart Stay and others. Of course these features are amazing but these are not so much practical and if you don’t use these features at all then it is better to turn them off completely because they use excessive amount of battery.


Vibration consumes battery and if your device is in ‘ringer’ mode then you don’t need vibration at all. Turn off vibration alerts in ringer mode to save battery power. The same goes for haptic feedback; if you do a lot of typing and you have turned on haptic feedback for keyboard then you are wasting lot of battery juice.

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Notification Light

Almost all newer devices come with notification light; this feature allows you to get importance notification without turning on the screen. So you can see there is a message, email or missed call without turning on the screen. Some 3rd party applications like GoSMS use notification light smartly. For example you can set different light color for different contacts to prioritize important notifications.

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data

We all use GPS, NFC, Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth but we don’t use them all the time. Make sure you turn these features off when you are not using them. Especially, GPS and Mobile Data use excessive amount of battery and keeping these features on regardless of the usage is a waste of battery juice.

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