How to use VPN on Android devices?

People are now more concerned than ever about their online security and they know the risk associated with public networks and hotspots. Using an unsecured network like Starbucks is not a good idea for your online security because hackers can penetrate Wi-Fi networks and get access to your personal and financial data. A VPN connection can help you secure your data, information and even identity.

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What is VPN and what are its benefits?

VPN refers to Virtual Private Network that allows users to access geo-restricted websites and services. It encrypts all the data that makes it impossible for hackers to intercept the data and read the information. VPNs are mainly used for:

  • Accessing geo-restricted contents, websites and services like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora Internet Radio.
  • VPN is the most reliable and secure way to maintain your online anonymity and surf the internet without worrying about revealing your true identify to websites and services
  • VPNs allow you to bypass internet censorship so you can surf freely.
  • VPNs allow you to test marketing and SEO strategies by pretending to be in a different country.
  • Use P2P like torrent downloading software without revealing your online identity and by remaining anonymous on the internet.
  • Use all kind of public an unsecured networks without worrying about your online security.
  • Access your private network like home or business network from anywhere in the world.
  • Hide your online activities from anyone including hackers and even government agencies and authorities.
  • Hide your personal information from websites to avoid being targeted by them for marketing purposes and advertisement.

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How to use VPN on an Android device?

There are mainly two ways to use VPN connection on your Android device; you can use the native functionality of Android platform and create a VPN connection manually or you can download a 3rd party app for this purpose. There are tons of VPN apps and services available in Google Play Store and some of those are even available for free. In case you want to create a VPN connection manually on your Android device, you must know the server address, user name and password.

Android platform supports PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols which are most common ones. In order to create a VPN connection, go to settings >> networks >> VPN and create a new connection. Enter the desired name of the VPN connection, select the type and enter the server address. Save the profile and tap on it to connect. Enter user name and password for authentication. Unfortunately because of the operating system limitations, you cannot create a VPN connection without settings a password or PIN code to your device.

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When you want to connect that VPN connection, tap on the VPN name and tap on connect button. If your launcher supports, you can create a shortcut for VPN connection. There is another option named “Always-on VPN” that you can enable to allow VPN connection to automatically connect when the device goes online.

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