Hulu is the second most popular movie streaming service in the world after Netflix. It has millions of global users who love watching their favorite movies and TV shows on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices like phones and tablets. Hulu offers two types of accounts; you can either use the free Hulu account to watch movies and TV shows and for that you don’t even need an account.

The premium account is called Hulu Plus and that comes with lots of additional movies and TV shows which are not present in the free version. Hulu Plus costs $8 per month that seems like a fair deal considering its wide range of contents. Beside the price difference, Hulu Plus also offers some other features like notifications and ad-free experience. The free version of Hulu is supported by ads and commercials which are played after regular intervals.

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The Hulu Plus subscription removes all ads and commercials so you can watch movies and TV series without any interruption. The notification feature could be enabled from the settings menu and you can subscribe to your favorite TV shows. Hulu would automatically notify you about newly added or released episodes and movies you already subscribed to. Some of the contents are only available via their official websites and you cannot watch those movies and TV shows on mobile devices via their apps.

Hulu Plus is compatible with all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. The latest version of Hulu is also compatible with Smart TVs and you can directly watch your favorite movies and TV shows there. Hulu Plus is available in USA and Japan while the free version is available in many countries. Some of the features which are exclusively available on Hulu Plus are HD videos, history, more supported devices, device switching and others.

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Hulu Plus allows users to watch movies and TV shows in high definition and you can watch contents in 720p on supported mobile devices too. With the history feature, you can check where you left the TV series and watch the next episode. This is quite an ordinary feature but Hulu free version does not have it. Hulu Plus allows users to switch devices while watching movies and TV shows. For example, you can switch to your iPad from an Android device and the app would automatically stream the contents from there.

The company has done its best to keep things simple and straightforward for an average user considering not everyone has technical knowledge of such apps and services. Hulu Plus is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Xbox, PS3, Roku and other devices. Interestingly, on all of these supported devices, Hulu has minimal interface.

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Hulu regularly manages its official blog which you can find on their official website. The company posts latest news and information about new features on its blog so you can discover new innovations. Their help and support is extraordinary too, you can either find answers from their FAQs section or send a direct email to the company.

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