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There are tons of communication apps and services available for mobile devices and some of those like Skype and Viber are very popular among users all over the globe. Imo.Im is a relatively newer but widely used communication app and service that millions of people use to communication with their friends and family. Like other similar apps, Imo.Im also comes with features like texting, chatting, audio and video calls as well as sharing files with each others.

Imo.Im is mainly popular because it is not just a single app and service but instead it allows users to combine features of many other services like MSN, Google +, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM and others so you can chat on multiple accounts at the same time without switching back and forth. Although Imo.Im allows integration with other services but it also encourages users to use its own IM services and allows users to invite their friends to use this app.

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All of the above mentioned services support messages and if the person you are chatting to also have Imo.Im installed then you can move to voice calls or even newly added video calls. Imo.Im is available for all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Voice and video calls just work like a normal phone call and you can use Wi-Fi networks as well as 3G or 4G networks to make those calls. Unfortunately, the call quality on Imo.Im is not as great as some other services like Skype but the developing team has been working on this issue.

Of course Imo.Im would be able to compete with other services in terms of voice calls but video call is an entirely different territory. Imo.Im has to compete with the Skype as well as with Facetime and Google Hangouts; all of these services offer their unique features. For example, Skype is known for its superior video quality that somehow works on slower networks too. Facetime is the video call standard on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad that makes it very difficult for Imo.Im to take it down while Google Hangouts is popular because of its group chat feature.

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Imo.Im has tendency to deal with slow internet connection; if you are in a video call and the network slows down then Imo.Im adjusts to that speed, shuts down the video and uses all the bandwidth to keep audio alive. When the network gets performance back, it automatically starts the video again without needing to end the call. The developing team has released the latest version for Android devices that come with in-call IM feature.

On Android devices you can be in a voice or video call and chat with your friends using the in-call IM feature. This feature is currently in the beta stage and hopefully it will come to other platforms as well. One of the best things about Imo.Im app and service is its video quality; Imo.Im allows users to make video calls in high definition so you can really enjoy that call.

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