There are hundreds of social networks, websites and apps available today and only few of them has millions of users all over the globe. Of course you need to offer unique features and something extra ordinary to get other people’s attention and each one of the popular social network has something unique to offer. For example, Snapchat is known for its unique feature of automatically deleting the sent image or video, Twitter is known for its community and similarly Instagram is known for its photo sharing network and features.

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It’s not fair to compare Instagram with Twitter or Facebook because these networks are built upon different things. Instagram mainly focuses on photo sharing and it has tons of photo editing features and options that are specifically made easy to use so everyone can edit his/her picture. Instagram is compatible with all major mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. You can download it from the relevant app stores for free.

Not only the app is available for free but you don’t even need a subscription to use it. Instagram has been rebranding itself for quite some time and now the company has introduced the whole new icon for their mobile app and new app design which has been implemented on different app version. The new design has a sleeker look and this is done to make pictures appear brighter and take the focus on users’ eyes.

The photo editing feature is exactly the same which was available in the earlier versions. You can either import the picture from the gallery if you have already captured it using the native camera app on your device or a 3rd party camera app, or you can use the camera feature of Instagram itself. After capturing or importing the picture, tap on the LUX button so Instagram can select the best settings for that particular image.

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99% of the time Instagram does it perfectly but if you are not satisfied with the output and want something different then you can use these settings manually and adjust everything according to your own preferences. Instagram automatic photo editing feature not only adjusts the light exposure but also adjusts the contrast, brightness, color saturation and even vibrancy to give the picture a beautiful look.

However, Instagram is popular because of two features; editing and filters. With the help of manual editing feature, you can adjust the settings for some usual things like brightness, contrast, saturation and others as well as some advanced features like tilt shift, focus and shadow. The latest version of Instagram can save all changes step by step so you can undo changes you don’t want to keep.

It makes it easier to go back if you mess things up. There are numerous filters offered by Instagram app and this is probably the largest collection of filters offered by a photo editing app. Another great thing about Instagram is its compatibility with even low-end devices so you can run the app on older Android and iOS devices.

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