iOS Apps That Are Available For Free

Here we are again, with another list of paid iOS apps that are currently available for free on iTunes for a limited time. Following is brief introduction of these apps and their amazing features.

Network Utility Pro

Network Utility Pro is an amazing iOS app that can help users to see everything they want to know about the network on their iOS devices. Users can see their internal and external IP addresses, DNS address and lots of other things. Usually Network Utility Pro sells for $1 and right now you can get the app for free from iTunes. It is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 or higher while their widget is available for iOS 10 users.

Although Network Utility Pro is specifically designed for experts who want to know more than typical information about using internet on their iOS devices yet the most popular feature of Network Utility Pro is its usage plan limiter. This feature can help users set a data usage plan in the app and Network Utility Pro would notify users when they are about to reach their data limit.

Photo Cleaner

Photo Cleaner does exactly what its name suggests, it helps users clean their photo gallery and free up valuable storage space. The app scans the iOS device and finds duplicate images that users can delete easily. Photo Cleaner had $1 price tag earlier this week but now you can get it for free from iTunes and it would automate the cleaning process for you.

Widget Weather

We all know there are hundreds of weather apps and widgets available for iOS devices and almost all of them pretty much do the same thing however Widget Weather is based on a unique idea of displaying the information in well designed manners. The latest version of Widget Weather is available for all iOS devices including Apple Watch and usually the app sells for $2. Beside its highly accurate weather information, Widget Weather is known for its customization.

Users can personalize the app based on their preferences, select weather icons, level of details they want to see, change fonts and their colors and change background as well. Users can also select the weather source. As automatic location service needs GPS running all the time, it can reduce battery life. The easiest solution is to manually enter the location and extend battery life. Now Widget Weather is available in 23 different languages which is pretty amazing.

Cleaner Pro

Cleaner Pro can help you find and delete duplicate contacts on your iOS device. The app was selling for $3 until few days ago and now you can download it for free until it reverts back to its original price. Although Cleaner Pro is designed to do just one thing but it has more than 2 million users all over the globe. The app can find and merge duplicate contacts, remove contacts with no name or no phone number and you can even create backup with a single tap. The latest version of Cleaner Pro is available in 15 different languages.

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