iOS Apps That Are Available For Free Now

It seems Christmas came early for iOS users as many paid apps are available for free on iTunes for a limited time. We have no clue when these offers are going to be expired so hurry up and grab these free apps when you can. Here is brief introduction of some of these apps and their features.

MailTime Pro

MailTime Pro is an email client app that is exclusively available for iOS devices. Unlike most of the other similar apps that simply combine the service of different email providers, MailTime Pro takes things to one step further and the app has an amazing user interface to show back and forth apps in conversational style – just like the messages. Using chat bubbles for emails is a great idea to increase readability.

The app usually sells for $3 that is a reasonable price considering its features and now even better, you can get it for free from iTunes. MailTime Pro is compatible with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS 7 or higher. The app is compatible with all major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Office 365, QQ, MSN, Hotmail and many others.


SHAREit Pro is a must-have app for every iOS users (and it is also available for Android devices). As the name suggests, SHAREit Pro allows users to share files between iOS devices as well as PC. The app was selling for $1 until last week and now you can get it for free from iTunes. Interestingly, SHAREit Pro transfers files at up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth and the developing team behind this amazing app has made the user interface very simple and straightforward so anyone can use the app in first try.

Magic Launcher Pro

Earlier, the term “Launcher” was exclusively associated with Android devices but now iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher can also use theme-like apps to transform the look. Magic Launcher Pro is more of an app launcher than a theme. Interestingly, Magic Launcher Pro is capable of launching more than 100,000 apps, shortcuts and actions that makes is the most compatible launcher app available for iOS devices right now.

You can launch your favorite apps directly from the notification center and the app natively supports many popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and others. Right now, Magic Launcher Pro is available for free on iTunes while the original price tag of this app is $3.


Drift is an amazing app which is specifically designed for people who want to thoroughly plan their vacations before taking the first step. The app usually sells for $2 on iTunes and it is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 7 or higher. Currently it is available for free on iTunes. Drift gets the database and other information from Foursquare and provides a much easier to use interface and features to help users plan their vacation days. Although the current version of Drift lacks some features but of course you would get future updates for free too.

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