iOS Apps That Are Free For A Limited Time

Some generous app developers and companies have decided to put their iOS apps on sale and you can download these apps for free for a limited. Unfortunately we have no idea how long this sale is going to last so you have to act fast. Here is a brief introduction of all the paid apps that are available for free right now.

Orby Widgets

Yes, we know iOS devices do not support widget like Android but Orby Widgets has done that elegantly and smartly. This amazing app allows users to add widgets in notification bar for instant access. Orby Widgets has around 12 different widgets that you can add. Some of the most popular and widely used widgets are conversation widget, app launcher widget and calculator widget. Conversation widget automatically adds already initiated conversations o the notification bar while app launcher widget and calculator widget are pretty self explanatory. Orby Widgets had $1 price tag few days ago but now it is available for free.

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Music streaming had become a popular trend and there are dozens of services and apps available that offer music streaming or internet radio. HitRadio is also an internet radio that has a wide range of radio stations from many different countries including USA, France, UK and Russia. Users can search their favorite radio station via search feature and amazingly the app not only supports Wi-Fi networks but also supports 3G networks. The latest version of HitRadio comes with notification bar widget that makes it easier for listeners to control the app. HitRadio was selling for $1 last week but now you can get it for free from iTunes.

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Follow Me for Instagram

Follow Me for Instagram is among top 100 most popular social networking apps in 9 countries that clearly shows how much popular this app and service is. Follow Me for Instagram allows users to see the geographical location of Instagram posts on a map that makes it easier for users to follow these posts. Additionally, you can open map and select an area to see all Instagram posts from that area. Follow Me for Instagram had a price tag of $6 but it is available for free for a limited time and it does support all iOS devices including iPad.

Tadaa SLR

Tadaa SLR is an amazing app made for people who love capturing images on their iOS devices. As the name suggests, Tadaa SLR can capture SLR quality photos with your iPhone and the developing team has made the whole process simple and straight forward. All you have to do is capture the photo, select the focus and you are done. Tadaa SLR is now available for free while it had $4 price tag earlier.

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Compress Video

Compress Video exactly does what it name says; it simply reduces the overall size of videos without reducing the video quality. You can also compress multiple videos at the same time. Compress Video is now available for free and the company might change its $3 price back after few days.

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