iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks

All iOS devices including iPhone have amazing battery life but still many of us struggle to keep our iOS devices for longer. Gladly there are tons of ways you can make your iPhone last longer after a single charge. Let’s talk about some iPhone battery tips and tricks.

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Signal Strength

You’d be amazed to know that weak signal strength drains a lot of battery. Of course there is nothing you can do to increase the signal strength but if you are experience very little or no coverage at all in a particular area then turn Airplane Mode on to conserve the battery. Mobile tries again and again to increase signal strength that uses excessive amount of battery.

Unnecessary Notifications

Many iOS apps send notifications and news that you don’t even read. Of course those unnecessary notifications use battery power and put significant impact on the battery life of your iPhone. You can turn those notifications off to conserver some battery; in order to do so go to settings >> notification center and turn off notifications you don’t want to receive.

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Location Tracking

If you use Maps on your iPhone regularly then turning location tracking could be useful but otherwise it is a waste of battery power. In order to turn off location tracking feature, go to settings >> privacy >> and turn off Location Services you don’t want to use. Additionally, turn off other location tracking related services like “Frequent Locations” and “Diagnostics and Usage” to reduce power consumption.

Abnormally High Temperature

Not only iPhone but abnormally high temperature and heat are harmful for all kind of batteries. Do not leave your iPhone in direct sunlight because high temperature not only reduces the battery life but also reduces its life cycle. Other than sunlight, also stop playing extreme games after some time if you think your phone is getting hot.

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Display Settings

Most of the Android phones and tablets come with way bigger and better batteries than an average iPhone. However those devices also come with bigger screens which use excessive amount of battery. Make sure you have optimized display settings on your iPhone to make it last longer. Set the auto-lock feature at minimum (reasonable) time so screen turns off automatically without wasting battery power. Also set brightness at auto-level so your iPhone can reduce the brightness when it’s not needed.


We all love animations but all of these animations, parallax effects, dynamic backgrounds and other effects use excessive amount of battery that you can save easily by turning off these animations. You can turn these settings off from settings >> general >> accessibility >> and turn on Reduce Motion feature.


Vibration is a great feature if you want to turn off the sound but turning vibration on in normal mode it redundant as you don’t need them if your iPhone is ringing. Go to settings >> sounds >> and turn off Vibrate on Ring feature to conserve battery power. This means your device will only vibrate in silent mode.

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