iScanner is a well known mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices on relevant app stores. As the name suggests, iScanner allows users to scan their paper documents and digitalize them for use. The app saves scanned documents either in JPG format or PDF format, based on user preference. One of the best things about iScanner is its automatic edge detection feature that works fine even in low light conditions.

In order to scan and digitalize a document, open iScanner app on your mobile device and capture photo using the built-in camera in the app. If you already have photo of the document in your gallery, then you can simply import the photo in iScanner app. Once the photo is taken (or imported in the iScanner app) the app scans and processes it to detect edges and to improve the quality. You can make the scan black and white, full colored and even anything in between.

You can set the colors and levels manually by adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation. You might need these manual options in rare cases but most of the times the app itself sets levels and colors perfectly for the user. As mentioned above, you can save your scanned document in PDF format too. The PDF format supports digital signature where you can add your signature in the app and when you need to sign a document, simply press the signature button and add them into the document at your desired position.

There are two versions of iScanner app: iScanner Free and iScanner Premium. As you can see the free version is totally free yet lacks some amazing features like unlimited documents, batch scanning, wireless printing and cloud integration. Also, the free version is ad supported that means you would be dealing with annoying ads while doing some important work. The premium version is available for $4 that seems a lot but you would get the premium features with this price tag, which would make things easier for you.

Unfortunately, iScanner is the not a perfect app and it lacks some most-wanted features which are available in many other scanning apps. For example, it doesn’t have advance editing functions and it lacks OCR technology to transform pictures into text. Among other things, iScanner is known for its image quality, simple user interface and performance. The image quality is important because many people print their scanned and digitalized documents. A low image quality would result in a low quality ad blurred print.

Scanning a document with mobile device is pretty amazing and the app does a lot of things in the background to get the job done perfectly. However, the end users are not interested in the complex processing and they just want to see the end result with minimum taps and interactions. Also, iScanner is fast as compared to other similar apps that mean you can scan lots of documents in few minutes.

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