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Khan Academy is one of the most popular education websites, services and mobile apps in the world and it is mainly popular because Khan Academy services are available for free. This website was founded by Salman Khan who has math, engineering, business and computer science background. Khan Academy features thousands of educational videos which are available for free on their website and even YouTube channel.

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All of those videos feature a classroom like whiteboard except viewers only see the electronic board and can hear the voice explaining those concepts. You don’t even have to have an account for watching those videos and every video has many assessments so students can learn by doing things by themselves. Khan Academy started as a small project and now it is supported by Google and Bill Gates Foundation.

Khan Academy mobile app is available for all major mobile operating systems including Android and iOS. Although their mobile apps have limited features as compared to the website but they are making progress. You can access their practice exercises via website and all teaching tools are available there too. Another great thing about Khan Academy mobile app is its support for other languages like French, Spanish, Turkish and others.

The Android and iOS versions of Khan Academy app have few differences like navigation and search, yet users can smoothly use both apps on both platforms. Of course you need internet access to load contents on Khan Academy app but the app also has offline learning feature that allows users to download courses on their mobile devices for offline learning.

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As mentioned above, you don’t need to register on their website to start learning but creating an account gives you access to some advanced features. For example, Khan Academy mobile app automatically syncs your progress on all connected devices. It means you can leave your lesson in the middle on one device and continue it from there on another device if both of those devices are connected to the same account.

Installing Khan Academy Android app takes only few seconds; the main screen of the app shows four bottom tabs which are Library, Search, Your List and Profile. If you want to create an account or want to sign in then go to profile section and fill out the details. The Library tab which is also known as Home shows all of the courses you can take in different categories.

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There is math, science, economics, finance, art and humanities, computing, tests, partners’ contents talks and interviews and coach resources. The science section features biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, cosmology, astronomy, health and medicine and electrical engineering. The search tab allows users to search courses and even topics they want to find; for example, if you want to see lesson about mathematical probability or cryptography then you can simply write it in the search bar.

Your List section shows all the videos you have bookmarked. You can add videos on your list but tapping on the “+” sign while watching the video and download those videos for offline viewing.

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  2. guyz my only problem is the phone that I use I can’t get the videos please guys help me to get smart phone if u don’t use it please help

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