Kindle is actually the name of Amazon eBook Reader that is globally popular because of its reasonable price and huge collection of books. Although with the help of Kindle app on Android devices, you don’t have to buy a separate eBook reader because your Android device would work perfectly. You can download Kindle app for free from Google Play Store and Amazon App Store as well as from iTunes for iOS devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone.

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You can access the huge collection of books Amazon Store has. Many of those eBooks are even available for free so you can enjoy your favorite books for free as the app itself is free of cost. Amazon developed its eBook reader few years back that got overnight popularity all over the globe. However it has limited features and target audience because not everyone was willing to buy an eBook reader. Finally Amazon released its Android and iOS Kindle app that allows users to use their Android and iOS devices as an eBook reader.

The best thing about Kindle app on iOS and Android devices is its ability to transfer purchased eBooks to all the devices using the same Amazon account. For example, if you have multiple Android and iOS devices then you don’t have to purchase eBooks more than once because the app automatically syncs all the items on all the devices. You can either purchase or download eBooks from Amazon using the mobile devices or you can use the desktop computer and web browser to buy eBooks.

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The developing team has done its best to keep things simple and straightforward. The app itself is very easy to use and everyone can learn it in few attempts. The developing team has also done its best to deliver the best possible experience by integrating several different options in the reading mode. For example uses can change the brightness of user interface according to their preferences.  Readers can also change orientation, font and the font size as well as the background color of the eBooks.

Unfortunately iOS users have to perform one step extra in order to get eBooks on their iOS devices; because of the platform limitation and Apple’s policy, users cannot buy eBooks from Kindle app directly on their devices. However users can buy eBooks from Amazon website and then sync all of the purchased and free downloaded eBooks on all the devices. In order to offer even a better reading experience, Amazon now has added another feature that allows users to read the first few pages of any book without even buying it first.

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Of course this is an amazing function that helps users decide which eBook they should buy. If you are already using Kindle app on any device then from the settings menu you can add more Android and iOS devices with the same account. The verification and authentication process is pretty simple and straightforward. Similarly, you can transfer any eBooks to selective device using the “Deliver” feature on Amazon website.

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