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There’s not a huge amount of depth to KingsRoad, but that doesn’t stop it from being a reasonably enjoyable way to spend some time and feel like you’re achieving something. Think Diablo and you’re kind of there, as KingsRoad is very loot-heavy. It’s not all that memorable, but while you’re playing you’ll feel that itch to carry on.


A loose storyline starts things off. Just assume that the kingdom is a mess and you need to fix it. Every now and then a bit more of the story will unfold but don’t spend too much time focusing on it. Instead, enjoy the fact that you pick a class and go to battle pretty quickly.

Each level of KingsRoad is fairly linear in its setup, with you traveling through various areas before eventually coming across a boss to defeat. Combat is a matter of tapping on the enemy and occasionally hitting a special move button. Auto attack works once you’ve targeted something, although it mildly falters in that your character will just stand there being beaten up, rather than automatically target anything for itself.

Few of the levels take much time to complete, so it’s ideal for portable play. Plenty of loot is there for the taking too, with your fighter soon gradually becoming quite well equipped. Back in the main town/hub you can forge items together for even better equipment, as well as opt to level-up various skills for your character.


A comprehensive tutorial guides you through everything easily enough, but KingsRoad is far from complicated to understand anyhow. Soon you’re even able to work together with friends as well as set up guilds. KingsRoad does a decent job of trickle feeding reasons to keep playing.

It’s incredibly simple at heart, but KingsRoad the kind of game you can dive into at the end of a long day and simply switch your brain off to enjoy. And while there are plenty of in-app purchases around, you’ll still feel like you’re achieving something by staying free.


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