Kodi is a well known media center which is mainly popular because it’s free and open source. Kodi mobile apps are available for all major mobile operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android and others. It offers 10-feet UI for smart TVs where users can watch their favorite videos, listen to their favorite music and podcasts, see pictures and even play audio files. Users can play locally stored media files as well as from online resources like YouTube.

Kodi itself doesn’t come with any kind of contents but it is a media player which supports 3rd party plug-ins to play contents from official websites of the provider. The company itself does not encourage users to play illegal or copyrighted contents. According to their official website, Kodi is not designed for devices with smaller screens and it is preferable to install it on devices with at least 5” screens.

The Android version of Kodi has been downloaded more than 10 million times and it has 4.5 average rating from 180,000 users all over the globe. Having this high rating from these many users is pretty impressive. Your Android devices must have Android 5.0 or later versions install on it. Before you download and starting using Kodi on your iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices, note that Kodi does not provide any kind of media files but you can use it with your own contents or use 3rd party plug-ins.

Kodi does not have any affiliation with 3rd party plug-ins and considering the platform is open source, it is highly recommended to upgrade it from the official source. Let’s take a closer look at the features of Kodi. It allows users to play all popular formats of audio files including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV and others. It is built-in support for smart playlists, tagging and integration with audio services. As mentioned earlier, users can play locally stored files or stream directly from the internet.

It supports all major video formats and stream-able sources like ISOs, WEBM and others. Interestingly, Kodi can automatically download trailers, extras, actor information, posters and other things about those files. You can watch your favorite TV shows using Kodi as its smart library and playlists support seasons and episodes where it automatically downloads posters, banners, description, actor information, episodes information and other things. You can also categorize those TV shows based on their genre.

You can use Kodi to view pictures by importing them into the library. Kodi supports different viewing features as well as slideshows which could be controlled remotely. One of the best things about Kodi is its support for live TV by using other backend services like Windows Media Center, VDR and others. With little or no configuration, you can start watching live TV on Kodi and even record programs easily.

Today most of the media programs come with multiple themes and skins. Kodi allows users to change the entire UI based on their preferences. This personalization feature can change the look and behavior of the app altogether.

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