LINE is a well known VoIP and IM service that allows users to make audio calls and send messages to their friends all over the globe. In many ways, LINE is quite similar to WhatsApp and Viber as all three of these services use user phone number as unique ID. However, the main difference is some of the features which are available in LINE exclusively. For example, LINE has the largest emoji collection offered by any messaging service in the world.

LINE is available for all major mobile operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can download it for free from relevant app stores like Google Play Store, iTunes and Windows App Store. LINE has more than 200 million users from more than 160 countries. Let’s see how LINE managed to get so much popularity.

As you already know, LINE allows users to make unlimited phone calls to other LINE users using internet. You can use mobile data as well as Wi-Fi network to make and receive those free calls. Of course you can block calls from certain people and control who can call you and who can’t. Considering LINE has hundreds of millions of global users, chances are your friends are already using this service that means you can easily join the community.

One of the best things about LINE is its innovative features; it has combined the functionality of WhatsApp and Skype in a single app. For example, just like WhatsApp, LINE users can use their phone number as unique ID. That also means they don’t have to share their ID with their friends as people who already have their number can see which of their contacts have joined LINE. Also, LINE allows people to make landline and mobile calls just like Skype.

You can buy LINE credit from their official website or from mobile app itself. These landline and mobile calls use internet connection and are generally cheaper than mobile networks. Another amazing feature of LINE is its full integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others. That makes things easier for people as they can share contacts and other things directly on social media.

In order to use LINE on your mobile device, download the app from the relevant app store. The app would ask for your permission to send a confirmation message to verify your mobile phone number. Usually the app does it automatically but in some rare cases you might have to manually enter the verification code from the SMS. Although LINE is an amazing app, it still lacks some basic features.

For example, WhatsApp and Skype both have video calling feature and it seems LINE is also working on this feature to compete in the growing industry. Also, unlike WhatsApp, LINE doesn’t have privacy and encryption features. The majority of LINE users are from Asian countries and the company has to work on its marketing and branding efforts in USA and Europe.

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