There are tons of communication apps and services available today; Skype and Viber are some of the most popular ones however there are many other similar apps which have been getting traction for last couple of years. Line is one of them and it has millions of users all over the globe. All communication apps and IM services are mainly popular because of their unique features; Skype is known for its amazing audio and video call quality even over slow networks, WhatsApp is known for its free service and Line is known for its emojis and stickers collection.

Line offers one of the largest emojis and stickers collection offered by any IM service and these stickers are available for free. There is an emoji icon or sticker for almost every situation that makes it easier and more fun for people to communicate with others. Line app was built in Japan and now it is the most popular and widely used app in China, India and Japan.

Line app is compatible with all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. You can install the app on all iOS devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone as well as on Android phones and tablets. You don’t have to create an account and select a unique ID to use this app but instead your phone number works as your ID so you don’t even have to share your Line ID with your friends because they already have it.

After installation, Line app automatically imports all the contacts. The app marks contacts who already have installed Line on their devices so you can start chatting with them. Also you can send invites to other people who don’t have Line app installed on their devices. In order to install the app on your iOS or Android device, go to the relevant app store and search for the app.

You can either use the search bar or you can browse the communication category and Line app would be in top-10 list. On iOS devices, you can either use iTunes on desktop computer to download the app or you can use the app store on the device itself because this is much easier way. Search the app and tap on the download button to start downloading, depending on your connection speed it could take few seconds. The other way is to use iTunes on your computer and download the app there. Then you can transfer it to your iOS device using the data cable.


On Android devices, there are also two methods to install Line app on your device. First is to use the Android phone or tablet itself; open Google Play Store on your Android device and search for the Line app using the search bar. Tap on the download button and it might ask for your Google password. The other method is to download the app from your computer via official website of Google Play Store. In that method, you need to use the exact same Google account on computer and Android device.

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