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Mercari is a relatively newer app that has been getting popularity all over the globe for quite some time. Although it is not based on a unique idea and hundreds of similar apps are already in the market but it is the execution of the idea that makes Mercari a must-have app for many people. The app simply allows users to sell their older items that they don’t need any more. Earlier it was a website and after it became famous, the developing team behind the website decided to launch the mobile app too.


Their mobile app is available for all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android. You can download the official app from iTunes and Google Play Store for free. There are many categories on the website and Mercari app from where users can select a category and narrow down the items they are looking for. Some of the most popular categories are electronics, fashion accessories, console games and other things. Interestingly, users can not only sell pre-owned items but also handmade items.

How you can buy and sell items using Mercari app?

In order to use Mercari to buy or sell items, first you need to create an account there. You can either do that from the official website or you can use the mobile app itself for that purpose. After creating the account, you can either search items if you want to buy or you can post your own item for sale. It is recommended to search the item you want to sell and get the idea about prices and other things.

This technique can also help you decide the asking price if you have no idea about how much you should ask for. Write the title of you item, add details description as well as the condition of the item and make sure you have listed every detail about the item that a buy might want to know. The most important step is to add photos of the item. Studies have proved that visual elements help users understand the item much better than text based descriptions.


Try to add 3-4 pictures from different angles so the buyer can get an idea of the condition and other attributes of the item. Once a buyer would select and buy that item, you would be notified about that and with the help of Mercari app itself, you would be able to print shipping details and label at your home. You won’t receive the payment at that moment but instead when the buyer receives the item, the payment would be released.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Mercari app is its refund policy but we cannot blame them entirely for that. As Mercari website, app and service have no control over the money or the item they cannot issue a refund or persuade a party to refund the amount. According to their official website, all transactions must be handled by seller and buyer themselves, and Mercari is not responsible for that.

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