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There are countless racing games available for iOS and Android devices yet Need for Speed Most Wanted has managed to remain on top for many years. This particular game is one of the most popular games from EA which is among top developers on Google Play Store and iTunes. You can get this app for $7 from the relevant app store and it does run fine on devices with larger screens like Nexus 7 2013 and Galaxy Note 4. Contrary to what many people think, Need for Speed Most Wanted mobile version is quite different than the PC version.

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Other versions of this game focus on the complex gameplay that makes it even more fun but mobile versions has simplified the gameplay and because of the touch based controls, it is easier than ever to learn how to play Need for Speed Most Wanted on a mobile device. It doesn’t mean the game is easy to master or boring but it is quite challenging and needs player’s full attention to the detail in order to make progress. There are different modes of the game yet one thing in all of them is common; police cars, that chase you in each event.

Other than police cars there are other racers, bonuses and even time limits to make things difficult and challenging for you. Every successful race completion gives you money and experience depending on your performance in that event. The experience simply unlocks other events and cars while money could be used to buy additional vehicles. The racing method is very simple and easy to learn; by default the game uses accelerometer for steering but you can change that from the settings menu.

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In accelerometer controls, the throttle works automatically and you can apply brakes by tapping the left side of the screen. Swiping up on either sides of the screen activates nitrous and gives your car boost. Unlike its previous version which was Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, the Need for Speed Most Wanted is simpler and gives a pure racing experience. The previous version allowed players to either play as racers or play as cops but Need for Speed Most Wanted does not allow so.

There are several different modes and some of those are interesting; for example in one mode you have to keep your average speed above a specific number during a time trial to successfully complete that event. Like the PC version of Need for Speed Most Wanted, the mobile version has the same method of winning races and move up in a class. You can buy upgrades like extra nitrous and apply modifications.

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Interestingly, upgrades only last for one event whether you use them or not. It means you have to buy them every time you want them in an event. During the race, the presence of cop cars makes things interesting yet if you are not on first or second place then you don’t have to worry about them. The game runs awesomely smooth on mid range devices like Galaxy Nexus.

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