Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted is not the latest game in the mobile world but even though it has been few years since its initial release, it is still one of the most popular mobile games in its genre. As you already know, Need for Speed Most Wanted has been developed by EA which is a well known game development company in the world with dozens of popular titles available for PC, mobiles and gaming consoles.

There are different race types in Need for Speed Most Wanted; car run, one on one, time trials and checkpoint racing. New players can win races to get points which are called Speed Points in the game. These Speed Points could be used to unlock new upgrades and new cars. Remember, these points can only unlock these things but you need a separate currency to buy cars and upgrades. The in-game currency is gold, silver and bronze points that players get after winning a race.

Also, you can buy gold, silver and bronze via IAPs which is the basic business model of Need for Speed Most Wanted. Although the official game only allows paint jobs as upgrades but you can get performance enhancing upgrades via mods. Even though Need for Speed Most Wanted has IAPs, the game is still not available for free and the price is $7 for Android and iOS version. It might seem a ridiculously high price considering the majority of other games are available under $3 price tag.

However, EA does not developer games like majority of others and Need for Speed Most Wanted is an exceptional game in all departments; graphics, sound effects and gameplay. One of the best things about Need for Speed Most Wanted is its graphics which renders beautifully with high performance even on older devices like Nexus 7 2013. If you play Need for Speed Most Wanted and the latest version of Asphalt, it would be pretty obvious that Need for Speed Most Wanted is more realistic and the developing team has specifically put extra efforts on effects.

Effects like sparks, lighting, dust, water effects and even collision of cars are amazingly beautiful and realistic. The sound effects are perfectly aligned with the visual effects and gameplay. If you are playing Need for Speed Most Wanted on a newer device like Galaxy Note 5 with high quality sound, the sound effects would mesmerize you even on open speaker. Need for Speed Most Wanted needs almost 2GB of storage space which is pretty normal for a game of this level.

As you can anticipate, the game supports accelerometer and gyroscope which you can use for steering. You can also use swipes if you don’t prefer tilt based steering. The basic idea behind Need for Speed Most Wanted is to win races and challenge most wanted players to grab their position. The ultimate goal is to get on number one position which is more difficult than it seems.

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