Netflix is a well known streaming service that is mainly popular for its huge collection of movies and TV series, low prices, unlimited streaming and amazingly designed mobile apps for all popular mobile platforms. The service is so popular in USA that according to a report, it consumed more than 37% of the internet bandwidth in the USA at its peak time. Currently the service is available in 60 countries and the company has plans to expand its territory to 200 countries.

Another great thing about Netflix is its simplistic subscription plan. You just have to pay a monthly fee and there are no hidden costs to empty your wallet. All Netflix 65 million users all over the globe, can access its movies and TV shows collection and the monthly subscription could be cancelled any time you want. There are three different subscription plans; basic, standard and premium which are available for $8, $11 and $15 per month.


Obviously the difference between these plans is the features they offer. All of the plans offer unlimited access to the contents yet the basic plan does not provide access to HD contents. Also, users can not watch movies and TV shows on more than one device at a time although access to their mobile apps as well as web player is available through all plans.

The standard plan does not cover UHD contents and it allows up to 2 simultaneous devices. The premium plan offers UHD contents and allows up to 4 devices at a time. If you are a single user and do not much care about the HD contents then the basic package is good for you. However, a family might need premium account to use 4 simultaneous devices. Netflix supports a wide range of devices where you can watch your favorite movies.

Interestingly, all of those devices would be synced all the time. That means if you are using the same Netflix account on two different devices, watching movie on a device and want to switch the device then Netflix would automatically starts the movie from the point you left it on the first device. Different browsers deal differently with Netflix service; most of the web browsers support up to 720p quality while Microsoft Edge supports 1080p as well.


After download the app from relevant app store, you can create a profile. The latest version of Netflix allows users to lock their profile so other people cannot use that. This feature also comes in handy when you share the same device with your kids. Another option is to create a different profile for younger audience and that profile would prevent access to contents not suitable for young ones.

For the last couple of years, the developers behind Netflix have been doing tremendous work in making their recommendation algorithm even smarter. The recommendation feature learns about individual’s choices and based on their previous preferences it recommends more movies and TV shows. Of course you need to use Netflix app for a while so the algorithm can learn about your selections.

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