Netflix is a popular streaming website, app and service that are available in USA and millions of people use it to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. You can get access to Netflix huge collection via monthly or yearly subscription. You can either watch movies and TV series directly on their official website or you can watch them on a compatible mobile device like phone or tablet. Netflix app is available for almost all major mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others.

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You can download Netflix app for free from Google Play Store or iTunes for your Android and iOS devices. Although Netflix is only available in the USA but many people still access it using VPN technologies that clearly depicts this service is popular worldwide. The latest version of Netflix has changed its user interface dramatically and there is significant improvement in the features and overall performance of the app and service. One of the greatest features of Netflix app and service is its recommendation algorithm.

This particular feature gets users’ feedback regarding different movies and TV shows, and then recommends more movies and TV series based on that preference. It means you can discover movies and shows that you might like. This recommendation algorithm delivers amazing results but it is quite different than what Pandora Internet Radio uses. Pandora Internet Radio is a popular music streaming website and service that allows users to discover and listen to new songs based on their preferences.

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Pandora Internet Radio has categorized every song based on more than 400 different musical attributes. However Netflix does not work that way; it has a huge customer base and it recommends new movies and TV series based on other people’s choice. For example, you can rate any title 1-5 stars based on whether you like it or not. Netflix analyzes your choices and preferences, and match it with other people. Then it suggests movies and TV shows that other people with similar preferences like.

Another great option in Netflix app is called Instant Watch; as the name suggests, this feature allows users to watch a movie or TV show for 20 minutes for free. For example, if you are not sure about a particular movie or TV show then you can watch it for free for the first 20 minutes. After that you can either continue watching it and pay, or leave without paying for that.

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The Netflix app and service has parental control feature that is a must-have function if your kids have access to the device you use with Netflix. With the parental control feature you can either restrict some particular titles, genres etc. or you can allow specific movies and titles. Netflix offers two different subscription plans and both of these plans are available for monthly and annually subscription. The $5 per month subscription has some limitations and restrictions however if you want unrestricted access to all the contents Netflix has to offer, and you don’t want any limitations then $8 per month subscription would work for you.

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