Noisli is an amazing app designed for people who want to listen to comforting sounds like ocean waves and birds’ sounds while going to sleep. Although the idea seems a little absurd but millions of Noisli users do not agree with that. There are many other apps that do the same thing but Noisli is different than all of them because it has very realistic sounds. Now the app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Another great thing about Noisli is its minimalistic design that keeps users distraction-free all the time. The sound selection is pretty easy; there are multiple pages of different sounds and each page has multiple sound selections with visuals. For example the rain sound is illustrated by clouds and rain. All you have to do is tap on any icon and when it starts you can simply adjust the volume with the volume bar given with each of the sound selection.

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Interestingly, you can choose more than one sound at a moment and adjust different volume for them for preferred background sound. To avoid the frustration of selecting multiple sounds every time you run the app, Noisli allows users to save their sound combinations for easier access. Besides the sound effects, Noisli also shows visual effects to set the mood and calm the user.

Although it is a good idea to use visual effects but that’ optional and you can skip it. The screen changes colors from red to blue to green at slow pace so users can adjust with that. If you don’t want to see visuals, you can simply run the app in the background and perform other things in the foreground; like reading emails or other things. However, doing other activities on your phone while listening to Noisli is counterproductive; it is better to relax and enjoy perfectly recorded sounds.

As mentioned above, Noisli has a huge advantage over other similar apps in terms of its sound quality. Most of the other similar apps do not come with realistic effects and they sound unreal. On the other hand, Noisli also comes with perfectly repeated sound effects where repetitions are not too often. Unfortunately, Noisli only allows up to five combinations you can save.

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This is a drawback as some people might want to save more than 5 combinations of their favorite sounds. This is an unnecessary limitation; perhaps the developing team behind Noisli might want to think about removing this restriction in the upcoming versions. Also, currently Noisli features 16 different sound effects. This is a reasonably big collection but people might want to see more options.

Noisli usually sells for $2 yet sometimes the company offers it on sale price of $1. You need to check your relevant app store to get the latest price. Unlike many other similar apps, Noisli does not offer a free version with IAPs. Instead, you can pay a onetime fee and all of the advanced features would be accessible. $2 is a reasonably fair deal considering how much this app helps in sleeping like a baby.

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