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Nokia Here which is used by millions of people everyday has been acquired by three car companies and the service will serve future cars from these three automobile manufacturers. BMW, Audi and Mercedes are the companies which have acquired Nokia Here and the deal is confirmed now. These automobile manufacturers got their hands on Nokia Here for $3 billion. It seems the service has finally paid up and its worth mentioning Nokia Here has been facing tough competition from other mapping services like Google Maps and Apple Maps for quite some time.

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Unfortunately it is not clear at this moment what these companies have planned for Nokia Here app itself but it seems the app will be available for other mobile operating systems as a separate business. Additionally, these companies might make Nokia Here a proprietary service and sell it to other automobile manufacturers in the future but it is hard to say anything as this transformation is in initial phases. Obviously Nokia Here is not a perfect app or service and it has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Nokia Here tends to has better directions than most of the other GPS apps and services. People who have used Nokia Here for quite some time know how good Nokia Here is when it comes to accurate directions and instructions. As compared to Google Maps and Apple Maps, Nokia Here has a way better interface for route options and users can pick routing options according to their preference. The thing that distinguishes Nokia Here from other similar apps, services and even devices is its offline maps support.

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Many other services also support this feature but Nokia Here brings it to the next level. Google Maps has the same ability but the service only allows users to download offline maps for a specific area. For example users can download map of San Francisco but the limited support for offline maps simply kills the purpose. CoPilot that is a popular navigation service is available for free and it does allow users to download offline maps for free too. But it charges $10 for turn by turn navigation that makes it a paid service.

On the other hand, Nokia Here is not only available for free but users can use it for unlimited time period without even spending a penny. Nokia Here for iOS devices allows users to download offline maps for a city or even entire country so users can navigate without having internet access. While downloading offline maps, Nokia Here shows the free storage space of device as well as the space needed for the offline map.  As compared to other popular mapping services and apps, Nokia Here is way more responsive and smooth but at the same time it is highly customizable too.

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As mentioned above, Nokia Here is not perfect and there is room for improvement. For example unlike other services, Nokia Here does not have voice guidance that is a necessary feature for a mapping and navigation service. The iOS version of Nokia Here also lacks some features which are available in the Android version.

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