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Android is different than most of the other mobile platforms in terms of customization; even the whole ecosystem is based on customization and Android users can change their devices’ look, appearance and even configuration and settings according to their need and desire. Android allows users to download and install different themes in order to change the overall design, look and configuration of the device; these themes are called launchers. Today we are here to discuss one of the most popular and awesome launchers available for Android; Nova Launcher.

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The best thing about Nova Launcher is its compatibility with different kind of devices; unlike most of the other launchers out there, Nova Launcher is not only available for high end devices but you can also install it on low end devices and that is a huge advantage over other launchers. Nova Launcher tends to increase the performance of the device instead of putting negative impact on that.


Nova Launcher is available for free with almost all the features you want to see, although if you want premium features and some functions that are not available in the free version then you have to go for the Nova Launcher Prime that is available for $4 on Google Play Store. Interestingly, you don’t have to buy the premium version because almost 90% of the features are available in the free version.


Unlike other launchers, Nova Launcher does not have negative impact on the overall performance of the device and users can even turn of some features to reduce animation and increase the response time of the device that surely increases the overall performance.


As mentioned above, Nova Launcher is compatible with a wide range of devices that includes phones as well as tablets. Surprisingly, the tablet version of Nova Launcher is similar to the phone version even both of these devices have a totally different form factor as well as screen size.


Like most of the other Android launchers, Nova Launcher divides its features in several different categories that are desktop, drawer dock, folders, look and feel and gestures and button. The gesture and button feature is not fully available in the free version. The desktop section allows users to change the look of their home screens; users can create as many home screens they want and can also define the grid size of overall desktop.

The drawer section has options for change the app screen aka app drawer; amazingly you can change the grid size here too that means you can show as many apps on a single app drawer screen as you want. The dock section has several different options to define and change the way dock behaves on your phone or tablet. You can even hide the dock to make your device screen look bigger.


There are hundreds of other launchers available for Android devices yet Nova Launcher managed to hold the top position because of its awesome features and overall performance. Some of its competitors are Google Now Launcher, Themer, ADW Launcher and Go Launcher.

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